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Posted on: November 6, 2017 | by: Find Self Storage 2017-11-06

Small Apartment Self Storage Ideas

When you live in an apartment, space can be tight. This doesn’t mean you have to lose all hope and let your apartment sink into a hole of clutter. By using our small apartment storage ideas to take advantage of every inch of space you can still have a clean and organized home.

Small Apartment Storage Solutions to Maximize Space

While every apartment and room is different, there are a few rules small apartment owners and renters should follow to take advantage of storage space. Use these apartment storage tips to maximize the amount of storage space in your apartment!

Buy Furniture with Space in Mind

When buying furniture, consider the storage space it will offer. Will it be possible to hide something under, inside of or on top of the furniture piece? Smart furniture purchases will help to maximize your storage space in your apartment.

Use a Bookshelf as a Makeshift Closet

When you are pressed for space in a small apartment, the obvious answer is building up. For example, a tall book case can easily become a makeshift closet. Or, take advantage of the lower shelves for shoe storage and consider putting decorative boxes inside of the middle shelf to hide small eye sores. Don’t stop there, store more decorative boxes or shelving units on top of the bookcase for additional storage space.

Use an Ottoman with Built-in Storage

When purchasing an ottoman, buy one that has a large amount of storage space inside of it. An ottoman is a great place to store movies, remotes, video games and video game controllers. An ottoman can also be used to store extra blankets or pillows for when guests visit.

Remove a Closet Door

With your landlord’s approval, consider removing a closet door and replacing it with a curtain. Using a curtain as a door will let you take advantage of extra room in your apartment that would otherwise need to remain clear in order to open the door. A curtain will let you put furniture very close to the closet but won’t impede functionality.

Hang Anything and Everything on the Wall

Any item that can be hung, and would otherwise crowd a drawer or storage area, should be hung on the wall. In the kitchen, install a peg board or hooks and hang pots, pans and any large utensils. In the bedroom, use hooks to hang scarves, hats, purses or necklaces. Wall space is your friend, and luckily, hooks are extremely easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

Are You Still in Need of Additional Storage Space?

If you have tried all of these storage tricks, and are still in need of additional storage, consider utilizing an apartment storage unit. An apartment storage unit is a smart option for seasonal items or things you don’t use very often. Find Self Storage has a variety of sizes of storage units in both regular and climate controlled options.

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