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Personal Storage Units

Personal Storage Units

One of the most popular uses for a storage unit is what we in the storage industry refer to as personal storage unit (also known as household storage).

A personal storage unit is the act of storing items in your home that are valuable but may be taking up too much space. At Find Self Storage, we believe that renting one of our clean, secure, and affordable storage units can help reduce the clutter in your home, and give you the extra space you need. We believe our services separate us from the competition in three, essential ways:

  1. Climate controlled storage units for sensitive items like delicate art, furniture, mattresses or important documents
  2. A professional team to help you decide what items to pack and how to maximize space
  3. Modern conveniences like automatic payments, online bill pay, and flexible leasing options

Find Personal Storage Near You

Many of our clients rent personal storage units so that they can safely protect their valuable belongings without sacrificing square footage in their homes. Find Self Storage units provide a practical solution that can fit a variety of different needs. Families with young children can safely store fine art or family heirlooms that are in danger of being damaged. Customers that are downsizing can keep furniture that they may want to sell in the future, and business professionals can store important paperwork in a safe, secure place. Seasonal items such as holiday decorations, winter clothing, and yard supplies are also great candidates for one of our storage spaces.

With storage available at a variety of sizes and price points, our friendly customer service team is sure to find a unit that fits your needs. Reserve a storage unit today!


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