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RV Storage Tips

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We offer convenient, affordable, secure RV storage for your “home away from home” when you’re not using it.

To give your RV an extra level of protection, we suggest the following procedures. Always remember to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines when preparing your RV for storage.

The following tips will help you prepare your RV for long-term storage.

Clean and Wax Your RV
Before placing an RV in storage, be sure to thoroughly wash and wax it. If you give your RV a coat of wax prior to storage, it will not only look brighter the next time you’re ready to use it, but you’ll give it an added layer of protection from the weather. When washing, pay special attention to the roof and repair any damage.

Keep Your RV Moisture Free
Keeping your RV free of moisture during storage is critical. If moisture develops it can lead to mold, mildew, and musty smells when you retrieve your RV from storage. To prevent damage from moisture, keep your RV ventilated by leaving the roof vents open. Use covers designed to keep out unwanted pests.

Drain All Tanks and the Water Heater
Drain the fresh water holding tanks as well as the black and gray holding tanks. Remove the drain plug and open the pressure relief valve. Caution: Do not drain when the water is hot!

Remove Food and Supplies
This seems obvious, but even that forgotten bag of unopened chips can attract bugs. In any case, food left for long periods of time will become moldy and/or inedible.

Disconnect the Refrigerator and Leave the Door Open
Leaving the refrigerator door open prevents stale air and condensation that can ultimately cause mold.

Turn Off the Electrical Systems
Before placing your RV in storage, turn off all electrical systems using the battery disconnect switch. Your battery strength will be maintained so that it’s in prime condition when you want to use your RV. Following this tip will keep your battery from freezing during cold weather.

Use RV-Approved Non-Toxic Antifreeze
To keep your pipes from freezing during frigid weather use RV-approved, non-toxic antifreeze so that you don’t poison your water.

Pressurize Your System
Start with the faucet closest to the water pump and slowly open the hot and then the cold valves until the antifreeze appears.

Cover External Vents to Prevent Pests
Don’t let your RV become a home for pests during an extended storage time.

Protect Tires in Storage
During RV Storage, your RV will be parked in the same spot for an extended period. This could weaken the tires and could lead to blowouts. To protect your tires in RV storage, unload your vehicle so that the minimum weight is on the tires. Inflate your tires to recommended operation pressure plus 25 percent, but don’t exceed the rim manufacturer’s inflation capacity.

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