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RV Storage Tips

RV Storage
Learn RV storage tips and best practices for storing your RV at a self storage facility near you. The following steps can be taken to protect your RV while in storage. Additionally, specific procedures recommended by your RV manufacturer should also be closely considered and followed.

Clean RV Before Storage

Before placing an RV in storage, be sure to thoroughly wash and wax it. The wax will help protect the RV from sun damage while also guarding against dirt build up. When washing, pay special attention to the roof if you will be storing your RV outdoors.

Keep Moisture Out

Keeping moisture out of the RV should be a primary goal during storage. If any moisture develops it can lead to mold growth and musty smells when you retrieve your RV from storage. The best way to keep the RV ventilated is by leaving the roof vents open with use of special covers to protect against anything getting in.

Turn Off All Electrical

Turn off all electrical using the battery disconnect switch in your RV before placing it in storage. This way there will be absolutely no drain on the battery during storage, keeping it strong for when you use your RV again. A weakly charged battery can freeze in the cold, so prevent this from happening by turning all electrical off prior to RV storage.

Check Plumbing and Clean Pipes

Flush out the waste tanks in your RV before storage. Then, add back a quarter tank of water to keep them from drying out inside. Also consider using bleach to flush out all pipes. This will help disinfect the water supply plumbing so that no issues arise during storage.

Protect Tires in Storage

Leaving an RV parked in the same spot on the same tires for extended period will weaken the tires and may lead to blowouts when taken out of storage. To protect your tires in storage, unload your vehicle so that the minimum weight is on the tires. Also, inflate your tires to recommended operation pressure plus 25 percent but don’t exceed the rim manufacturer’s inflation capacity.

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