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Storage Unit Size Guide

Are you uncertain about which self storage unit size to choose? Allow Find Self Storage to assist you in selecting the ideal self storage unit to suit your requirements! Our Storage Unit Size Guide can aid you in determining the appropriate amount of space for your possessions.

Refer to our size guide below to find the perfect fit. Our storage units have helped many of our friends and neighbors keep their belongings organized in a secure and protected storage facility. Be sure to check out our top-rated 5×5 and 10×10 small self-storage units, and 10×20 large storage unit sizes.

Don’t forget to consider whether you need climate-controlled storage or drive-up storage. If you need boat storage facilities, car storage, or RV storage, our friendly, professional managers can help.

Find a Storage Unit Near You

Are you looking for the best storage unit options in Texas? Once you’ve found the right storage unit size for your needs, select a Find Self Storage facility near you.

5 x 5

5x5: How big is a 5x5 Storage Unit?

This is our smallest storage unit option. A 5x5 storage unit is ideal for personal items, clothes, boxes, skis, children’s toys, and small furniture items. Your business can also store records and sales rep materials in this smaller storage unit.

5 x 10

5X10: How big is a 5X10 Storage Unit?

Use a 5x10 storage unit for storing smaller furniture, sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, boxspring and mattress, business supplies and records. You can also store other smaller items and boxes in this option.

7.5 x 10

7.5X10: What can fit in a 7.5X10 Storage Unit?

Consider a 7.5x10 storage unit for storing small amounts of furniture, sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, boxspring and mattress, boxes, business supplies and records.

10 x 10

10x10: How big is a 10x10 Storage Unit?

A 10x10 storage unit is a perfect fit for those in a one-bedroom apartment. Store major appliances, other furniture and supplies in this storage unit option.

10 x 15

10x15: How big is a 10X15 Storage Unit?

A 10x15 storage unit is great for those with a two-bedroom apartment or house. Store appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items in this storage unit size. A 10x15 storage unit can also be used for commercial storage inventory.

10 x 20

10x20: How big is a 10X20 Storage Unit?

If you have a three-bedroom home, this storage unit option is idal for you. Store major appliances and lots of boxes in a 10x20 storage unit. Business storage files and inventory ideal for storage racks can also fit in this storage unit.

10 x 30

10x30: How big is a 10X30 Storage Unit?

10x30 storage units are ideal for those with a four to five-bedroom home. You can fit major appliances and have plenty of room for boxes. This storage unit size is excellent for business storage of files, equipment and permanent records.

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