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Document Storage

At Find Self Storage, we offer a range of document storage solutions to suit your specific needs. Our small and large storage units are equipped with advanced features such as climate-controlled storage, pest control, and a comprehensive security system, ensuring that your documents are kept safe and secure.

Document Storage Solutions

When it comes to document storage, even the smallest of mistakes may contribute to inefficiencies, damaged documents, and lost time. If you don’t know how to properly store important documents, you run the risk of losing important information. At Rosenberg Self Storage, we offer document storage solutions for both businesses and individuals. If you need to store important materials, we can help you plan your space to keep your documents safe and organized.

A good rule to remember is to store important documents in more accessible areas, while less important documents can be kept in more difficult-to-reach places. It’s also wise to make sure your self storage unit is the appropriate size to ensure convenient access.

 Below are some ideas on how you can plan your document storage space:

  • Make a master content inventory – Number the boxes and/or filing cabinets and create a master list that outlines the amount and type of documents you have stored.
  • Map out your space – Draw up a map of the boxes, filing cabinets, and what is inside them. Hang the map where it can be seen. This will make it easier to find items that are stored at the back of the unit.¬†
  • User tracker – If the unit is being used by more than one individual, it may be a good idea to keep an in/out record on a separate clipboard. This allows everyone to see who has a certain document

With Find Self Storage, you have greater personal control over your documents and business files at an affordable price. We offer modern conveniences like automatic payments, online bill pay, and flexible leasing options to ensure that you receive the service and customer care you deserve. In addition to document storage, we also provide storage space for general business purposes like filing cabinets, office supplies, office furniture, and car storage.

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