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Posted on: April 30, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-04-30

7 Tips for Turning Attic into Storage Space

The attic is commonly used as a storage space for old clothes, furniture pieces, mementos and more. With the odd shape of the room, this space is often not optimized well for storage. Are you looking to get your attic organized? Check out these must-follow attic organization tips!

7 Attic Organize Ideas and Tips

  1. Start fresh: Pull everything out of your attic so you can easily see everything you’re working with.
  2. Clean: Take advantage of the empty attic and thoroughly clean the space. Vacuum the floors, pull down any cobwebs and look for signs of weather damage.
  3. Sort through everything: Take time to look through every bin and open every plastic bag and box. While you’re sorting through your belongings, start to group the items into piles labelled “keep”, “sell”, “donate” and “throw-out”. Try to be honest with yourself when sorting through your belongings, and if you haven’t used the item in years, get rid of it.
  4. Create an attic organization plan: Next, create a plan to keep your attic organized. For example, plan on grouping similar items together in order to make your items easier to find.
  5. Invest in attic storage containers: As you’re working on your organization project, you may notice that you need to invest in storage solutions for the space. Storage bins, containers and drawers will help to keep your attic more visibly organized.
  6. Keep all small pieces together: One of the hardest parts when organizing is figuring out what to do with odds and ends of items. Maybe it’s some paint brushes from past projects, or maybe it’s old medals from soccer tournaments. Bins with drawers are a great method for organizing small items.
  7. Keep organizing: While the attic is often out of sight, out of mind, in order to keep your attic organized, it is important to continue to organize as time goes on. Take time a couple times a year to quickly clean and declutter your attic as you go.

Add Space to Your Home With a Storage Unit Rental!

If you’ve spent time organizing your attic, and you still feel that it is just too cluttered, consider utilizing a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental allows you to open up space in your house by storing items in a safe and secure location close to your home. As you’re sorting through your attic, you may find pieces of furniture, documents, electronics and other temperature sensitive items. A climate controlled storage unit will help to keep these items safe from dangerous fluctuations in temperature.

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