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Documentation Self Storage Solutions

Everywhere you look, the world seems to be going paperless and opting to instead rely on technology. Still, many businesses and homeowners have found comfort in choosing to have paper copies of any important documents. While keeping a paper copy of important documents can create peace of mind, it is still necessary to properly store your documents.

It is essential to protect private or important family and business documents so they will be accessible when you need them. In order to do so, documents like birth certificates, legal documents, health records, wills, tax returns and deeds to property should be kept permanently. These documents should not be just left around the house or business. It is important to store your paperwork in a secure location to protect your information from outsiders and keep the document in good condition.

Document Storage Tips You Should Follow

Properly storing important documents will keep them out of the hands of unauthorized personnel and close to you when you need them.

  1. Store Documents that You Commonly Need in the Front: If you are storing a large number of business documents, place the boxes in the front that you use the most often.
  2. Label All Boxes: Take the time to clearly label all boxes with a list of the documents inside. There is nothing more stressful than having to dig through boxes in search of a document when you’re in a pinch.
  3. Use a Fireproof Box: You never know when disaster is going to strike. When it comes to the safety of important documents like social security cards and birth certificates, you can never be too safe.
  4. Limit Who Has Access to Your Documents: This tip is especially important if you are storing business, personal or confidential documents. If your documents end up in the wrong hands, damage can be done to the security of your business, your home, or your identity. No matter where you choose to store your documents, make sure it is in a safe location.
  5. Store Your Documents in an Ideal Location: Documents can be easily ruined by hot weather, dirt, dusts or pests. When choosing a location to store your documents, choose one that will provide a safe environment for your documents.

Are You Looking for a Location to Store Your Documents?

A storage unit is a great option for document storage. At Find Self Storage, we take the security of your storage unit very seriously and strive to provide the best state-of-the-art security features. We have storage units ranging in sizes from 5X5 units to 10X30 units, perfect no matter how big or small your document storage need is. Our climate controlled storage units create an atmosphere perfect for document storage. No matter what the temperature is like outside, our climate controlled storage units will maintain a safe temperature.

Are you interested in learning more about a document storage rental with Find Self Storage? Contact us today! We have several storage facilities in Plano, TXDallas, TXCarrolton, TXLeesville, LA and in Alexandria, LA on Windermere Blvd and Lodi Rd.

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