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Posted on: November 14, 2018 | by: Find Self Storage 2018-11-14

5 Tips for Cleaning for the Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching! Is your home ready? If you start now, you can have your home ready for the holiday season before you know it! Try out these tips for cleaning your home for the holiday season below.

5 Stress-Free Holiday Cleaning Tips

  • Tip # 1: Look for uncompleted projects- Do you have past projects you had planned on finishing up but never got around to? Maybe you painted your living room but never installed the new base boards you purchased. Go through your home and finish up any uncompleted projects you see.
  • Tip number 3: Declutter the home- When you combine bulky holiday decorations with extra seating options, your home can easily become very crowded with clutter. If you have items that won’t be needed during the holidays or are out-of-season, consider storing them in a storage unit. A storage unit rental will help you to keep unnecessary items in a secure spot until you need them.
  • Tip number 4: Address the allergens- It is possible that your holiday guests may be allergic to your pets. If you know you have a visitor coming over that is allergic to your cat or dog, you may need to clean the house a little extra. Be sure to vacuum the floors and couches your guests will sit on. Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove all allergens from your home. Stocking up on over-the-counter allergy medicine can help your guests to feel more comfortable.
  • Tip number 5: Prepare the appliances- Between baking a casserole, heating up butter for the mashed potatoes and mixing together cookie dough for holiday cookies, your appliances see a lot of action during this season! Before the holiday season, clean your appliances to make sure they are ready to go. While you’re cleaning your appliances, check them for any visible signs of damage.
  • Tip number 6: Take inventory- Assess your pots, pans, dinnerware, glasses, and silverware. If you see that any of your items are damaged or missing, replace them before the holiday season.

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