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Posted on: June 26, 2017 | by: Find Self Storage 2017-06-26

Home Organization Tips for a Happier, More Organized Life

Spring is a prominent time for cleaning and de-cluttering the home. With the holidays and colder months looming in the distance, many homeowners take advantage of the nicer weather to clean or start a home organization project.

While their intentions may be good, it is common that the stress of deciding where to put all of the suddenly unnecessary “stuff” causes homeowners to abandon the project. No matter how big the house, or how skilled the organizer, they are no match for the pile of “stuff.”

Renting a storage unit can help with home organization! Instead of just opting to deal with the clutter, or even worse, disposing of those seasonal items just to get them out of your sight, a self-storage unit could be the perfect solution. Utilize the storage tips below to further assist with home organization:

6 Super-Simple Home Organization Tips to Try Right Now

    1. Donate, Keep, Throw Out: This may be the most difficult part of the project. A good rule of thumb is if the item isn’t seasonal, and hasn’t been used within the last six months to a year, it should be tossed or donated. Label boxes or bags accordingly to keep the progress neat and organized.
    2. One Step at a Time: Viewing your home organization project as a whole makes de-cluttering the home seem like a daunting task. By breaking the project into smaller sections, the mountain suddenly seems like a hill, and the project becomes more manageable and rewarding. Work slowly and one day at a time to reach a clean and organized home!
    3. Pack and Organize Your Items: When packing boxes, be sure to clearly label each box with the contents to avoid confusion later on. Also, taking the time to organize and neatly pack items will save time when unpacking.
    4. Rent and Organize Your Self Storage Unit: Once you determine how many items you need to store, pick a storage unit that will meet your needs at a self storage facility nearby you. When organizing your storage unit, be sure to place the more frequently used items closest to the entrance of the unit to optimize organization and ensure easy access. If the contents of the box are delicate, important documents, or even just a very expensive item, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit.
    5. One In, One Out: Implement a process. From now on, when you get a new household item, give an old item to a donation center. This will allow you to make upgrades to your house without having to worry about clutter.
    6. Don’t Stop- Keep Organizing! Keep up on your organization to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Taking time out of your week to reorganize as you go will be beneficial in the long run. A good rule to abide by might be to assess your space on a monthly or bi-monthly bases to determine if additional storage is needed.

Find Self Storage is Here to Help with Home Organization

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