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Posted on: June 30, 2017 | by: Find Self Storage 2017-06-30

Home Staging Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Congratulations! You made the choice to sell your home. Now what? Well, you have to sell your home, of course. While this may seem like a long and intimidating process, and you may have no idea how to prepare a home for selling, there is a way to give yourself an edge with buyers. Home staging! Recommended by realtors, home staging helps buyers envision how their home could look before they even move in. In order to effectively de-clutter the home during the staging process, realtors will rent storage units to store the homeowners’ excess items. This is a great way to get unnecessary items out of the eyes of buyers, while still getting to hold on to precious keepsake items.

How to Stage a Home: 3 Can’t Miss Tips for Success!

You’re probably wondering how to stage a home to be more attractive to buyers. We’re here to help! Read the following home staging tips:

  1. Declutter Your Home: Arguably the most important step, and a great starting point, decluttering will make your home look more attractive to buyers. If your house is cluttered and disorganized, a buyer may make an instant, negative judgement. A good way to declutter a home is by using the keep, throw out, donate principle. Items that you still want to keep, but don’t want your prospective buyers to see can be stored in a storage unit.
  2. Stage Your Home to Appeal to All Buyers: While you may have a cool, boho-chic sense of style and decorations, it may not appeal to all buyers. When buyers enter a home, your goal is for them be able to picture themselves living there. If a buyer can’t identify with your unique sense of style, they may have trouble picturing their life in your space. Put away your multicolored Aztec patterned rug and paint over your walls. Painting walls in neutral tones, and complementing the walls with accessories will not only appeal to more buyers, it will also make your space appear bigger. After all, once you move out of your old space, your boho-chic self will be able to breath your style into
    your new home!
  3. Clean, Clean, Clean: Vacuum, scrub your tile floors and walls, wash the countertop and tubs. Your buyer wants to be able to walk into the house and envision themselves living a better life within this space, and you want to help them with that. While deep cleaning the entire house right before you move out may seem like a monotonous and pointless task, giving it a little extra love will pay off in the long run and might even result in a higher sale value. Don’t forget to clean outside of the house to make it look more inviting and increase curb appeal, as well as in closets and small spaces. A clean closet can make a space appear bigger, which is appealing to buyers.

Find Self Storage Can Help You Prepare Your Home for Selling

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