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Posted on: August 16, 2018 | by: Find Self Storage 2018-08-16

What Not to do When Storing a Fridge and Freezer

Refrigerators are bulky, dense and not easy to move. Whether you are moving your refrigerator into your new home or have recently upgraded appliances and are moving it into storage, it is important to do so correctly in order to keep your refrigerator and fridge damage free. Follow these refrigerator moving and storage tips!

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Moving and Storing a Refrigerator

  1. Not Clearing Out the Fridge: Before moving and storing your refrigerator, take the time to clear out any leftover food. Once the food has been cleared out, clean it with a solution of water and baking soda. This will not only clean the fridge, it will help to absorb food smells that may attract bugs and vermin.
  2. Not Allowing Enough Time to Defrost: Many people do not realize that they need to give their refrigerator time to defrost before moving and storing it. When defrosting your fridge and freezer, unplug the appliances and place towels on the ground to absorb any water.
  3. Not Securing the Doors: Wrap a bungee cord or rope around the refrigerator and freezer to hold the doors shut. This will prevent the doors from opening and becoming dinged during the move. Tape should not be used to secure the doors, as it can leave a damaging residue. If the move will take longer than a day, leave the doors of the appliance open before the move to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside.
  4. Moving the Refrigerator on its Side: When a refrigerator is moved on its side or back, oil from the compressor can flow into the cooling tubes. When this happens, the refrigerator is unable to cool off properly after being turned back on. In order to move the refrigerator, slide it from the wall and onto a dolly. Secure the refrigerator to the dolly using bungee cords.
  5. Use Climate Controlled Storage: Overtime, fluctuations in temperature can severely damage appliances. This is why it is never a good idea to store your refrigerator long term in your basement or garage. Instead, consider a climate controlled storage unit rental.
  6. Closing Appliance Doors During Storage: Leave the appliance doors open while in storage. This allows moisture to escape and prevents the formation of mold and mildew.

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