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Posted on: February 20, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-02-20

How to Store Books in Storage

Do you love reading? Many avid readers tend to have a more extensive book collection. But as your collection grows, you may be looking for another storage solution for your books. A storage unit rental allows you to keep the books you care about protecting in a location close to your home.

Before storing your books, it is important that you understand the best method for storing them. Try out these important tips and see how to store your books in storage!

5 Tips for Storing Books in Storage

  • Make sure your books are clean: This is more of a preventative step, but it is important to avoid eating while reading your books. Crumbs and leftover food can easily get on your books, which can cause permanent and irreversible damage. Any book that has food stains or food residue on it should not be stored in a storage unit. Food can attract pests and vermin to your unit which can ruin your collection.
  • Use storage containers to store the books: The best way to protect your books from any bugs, vermin or dust is to utilize a storage container for storing your books. When choosing your storage container, make sure it is clean and moisture proof.
  • Wrap the books in paper towels: Protect your books from any damage by wrapping them in paper towels. This will help to prevent dirt and residue from building up on the books and help to cushion the books from getting damaged.
  • Store the books horizontal or vertically: Your books can either be stored vertically or horizontally in the storage container. If you choose to store your books vertically, store them with the edges facing upwards. Pad the top of the box with paper to make sure there isn’t any undue pressure on the books. Books can also be stored horizontally in the storage container, with the heaviest books closer to the bottom and the lighter books up top. Depending on both the size of the books and the storage container, choose the storage position that works best for you.
  • Use a climate controlled storage unit: The best way to protect your books from harm is to utilize a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will protect your books from dangerous fluctuations in temperature, which can cause the book to become permanently damaged.

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