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Posted on: December 2, 2020 | by: Find Self Storage 2020-12-02

How to Store Holiday Decorations after the Season

It’s a long-held tradition to decorate our homes for the holiday season. Just a few strands of garland and a string of lights can make the cold weather much more beautiful and enjoyable. Of course, many of us go all out on decoration. And, once the season is over, all of those adornments must be put away once again. To help you keep your décor organized for next year, we’ve put together some of our favorite Christmas decoration storage ideas.

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

Artificial Tree Storage

With the proper care, an artificial tree can last for years and years. Every time you take your tree apart and bend the branches, it wears down the material. One of the ways you can keep your tree in good shape and make set up easier next year is to store it without disassembling it completely. Rolling Christmas tree bags come in a variety of sizes, making it easier to store your tree without taking it apart.

Ornament Storage

Whether store bought or handmade, your ornaments play a big part in showing your personal style during the holidays. One of the best ways to keep your bulbs in mint condition is to use an ornament container and fill any extra space with tissue paper. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on a special organizer, wrap each bulb individually with bulb wrap or other protective materials.

Christmas Light Storage

We’ve all dealt with the struggle of untangling Christmas lights — fighting the web of knots, only to find that half of the lights don’t work. To start, mark the end of each strand using masking tape to indicate how long it is. Then, use a light organizer like a reel to keep them from intertwining.

Wrapping Paper Storage

If you already have a crafting area, it can be a great place to keep extra wrapping paper. If not, a hanging organizer or long bin will do the trick. Want to keep the paper from unrolling? Reuse cardboard tubes from paper towels or toilet paper by cutting them from top to bottom along one side and popping them over the wrapping paper roll.

Miscellaneous Décor Storage

Plastic bins and tubs are an ideal solution for a variety of holiday décor. Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter, more fragile decorations on the top. Then, label the outside of the bins with the correct holiday and type of décor so you can find it more easily next year.

Store Your Holiday Decorations with Find Self Storage

Many people choose to use their attic, basement or garage for holiday storage, but not everyone has the available space. If you find yourself light on home storage for your holiday decorations, Find Self Storage can help! With multiple locations in Louisiana and Texas, we offer a variety of storage solutions for every need. Our storage unit size guide can help you decide just how much space you need for your items. Need help choosing the right storage facility? We can help with that as well.

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