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Posted on: March 29, 2018 | by: Find Self Storage 2018-03-29

Hand and Power Tool Storage Tips

In order to do basic projects in the home, a wide variety of power tools are required. Between screw drivers, hammers, wrenches and power tools, it can be difficult to keep your tools organized. If you are a contractor, this can be an even more difficult feat because of the quantity and variety of tools required for some jobs. Keep reading this post for hand and power tool storage and organization tips!

How to Store Hand Tools

  1. Clean the Tools: In order to keep your tools in the best shape possible, clean them before storage. Do not use soap and water, as this can lead to pesky rust formation. Instead, use a cloth and some oil to remove any caked-on dirt.
  2. Keep the Tools Organized: When storing hand tools, the main obstacle is keeping them neat and organized. Why is this important? As an example, a contractor will have invested more money in their tools. While these tools may be more durable, they’re also more expensive and need to be kept safe and organized to prevent damage. To protect your tools and keep them organized, purchase a quality pegboard or tool box from any home improvement store.
  3. Throw Out Damaged Tools: Keep your tool collection rust-free by disposing of any tools that show signs of rust. This will help with the overall condition of your tools.

How to Store Power Tools

  1. Wipe Down Tools After Each Use: Be proactive with keeping your tools damage-free by cleaning each tool after every use. This will increase the longevity of your tools and save you money in the long run. Use a rag to wipe dirt and dust off of the tools. Be on the lookout for any signs of damage that may have occurred while using them.
  2. Dry Each Tool: After cleaning each tool, give them an adequate amount of time to dry before storage. This will prevent the formation of rust or mildew.
  3. Use a Lubricant Metal Protector Spray: Coat any metal part of the tools in a metal protectant spray before storage. This will increase the longevity of the power tool and reduce the chance of rust.
  4. Store Tools Off of Ground: Do not store your toolbox on the ground. This area will not only have a more extreme fluctuation in temperature, it will also be more prone to moisture.

Are You Looking for Tool Storage in the Louisiana or Texas Area?

If you have a large collection of tools or do not have a location to store your tools that will keep them away from moisture and changes in temperature, consider a self storage unit rental. A climate controlled storage option will help to protect your tools from fluctuations in temperature that can damage them.

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