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Posted on: November 21, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-11-21

5 Must-Follow Interior Decorating Ideas

Every so often, you may decide it’s time to update your house again. Maybe you just recently moved into a house that needs a little TLC. Or, maybe you have lived in your home for a few years, and it’s slowly starting to look outdated. Following a few simple tips commonly used by interior designers can help to give your home an updated feel. Check out these tips below!

5 Interior Design Tips

1. Add a Focal Point to the Room

If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, it is important to create one. A natural focal point may be a fireplace, large beautiful window or a brick wall. Create a focal point for the room by adding a large painting or accent wall.

2. Ensure Artwork is Hung at the Right Height

It is common to see artwork hung too high in the home. This creates an empty space between the couch or furniture piece the artwork is hung above. Instead, hang your artwork at maximum 9 inches above a piece of furniture.

3. Paint Smaller Rooms with Lighter Colors

Painting a small room dark colors can make the space appear much darker. Instead, when choosing the paint colors for a smaller space, always use lighter colors. Lighter colors will help to make the room look larger and more open.

4. Vary the Scale of Items

When choosing decorations and accessories for your home, add contrast in the size of items. If the space allows it, consider adding a super-sized couch, light fixture or other accessory. This helps to add some interesting contrast to a space.

5. Use Wood to add Warmth

If a space lacks warmth, add wooden assets to a space. Whether it’s a wooden table, or an asset wall, bringing wooden pieces into a room can really help to warm up a space.

5. Declutter

While you may follow all of these tips perfectly, if your home is too cluttered, it may not end up looking as neat and organized as you would like. Take time to go through each room and pull out items that do not get used, are too worn or simply not needed in the space. Clearing items out of each room will help to make the space feel bigger.

Clear Household Clutter with a Storage Unit!

It’s easy to pull items out of a room that do not get much use. Deciding what to do with them once they have been removed is the difficult part. If the item holds sentimental value, is a seasonal item or you will use it more in the future, consider storing it in a storage unit. With a storage unit rental, you’re able to keep your home clutter-free while still holding onto the items that mean a lot to you.

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