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Posted on: January 8, 2021 | by: Find Self Storage 2021-01-08

Best Tips for Long-term Vehicle Storage

There are plenty of reasons to consider storing your car for a long period of time. You may be traveling abroad for work and won’t be able to drive it. If you have a vintage car, you may only get it out occasionally for car shows in the summer. Or, if you’re in the military, a deployment could take you away for a while. No matter the reason, there are a few precautions you should take before taking advantage of long-term vehicle storage.

9 Vehicle Storage Tips

  1. Fill the gas tank.

If you leave any extra space in the tank, it has the possibly of forming rust, leading to troubles later on. Adding corrosion inhibitor fuel stabilizer can also help you prevent internal tank damage as well. If you do decide to add any stabilizers, be sure to drive your vehicle before you park it so the liquids can mix and work its way into the whole system. Just remember that if you plan to store your car or truck for longer than a year or two, the gas will no longer be good — you’ll need to refill the tank before you drive it again.

  1. Change the oil.

The used oil in your engine has debris that can damage the vehicle if it sits for too long. A simple oil change can keep your engine clean, so you don’t have to worry about excess damage when you pull your car or truck out of storage later.

  1. Wash and wax.

While your car is in storage, debris, dirt and grease can cause damage to the exterior. Washing the car eliminates any dirt that’s already there, and the wax adds an extra layer of protection to keep the debris from building up again.

  1. Support the vehicle.

Consider placing your car on jacks or adding additional block supports around the tires if you’re using long-term vehicle storage for more than a couple of months. The weight of the car means consistent pressure on the same spot on the tires, wearing them down faster. If you can’t use jacks because frame-warping is a possibility, try to take the vehicle for a drive every few weeks.

  1. Avoid using the parking brake.

An engaged parking brake can fuse with the interior of the wheel if it connects for too long. Skip using the parking brake while taking advantage of long-term vehicle storage and opt for a wheel chock or piece of wood under the tires.

  1. Plug the tail pipe.

Plugging your vehicle’s tail pipe keeps out both excess moisture and critters who may want to make it a home. You can use aluminum foil or a rag to plug the pipe — just remember to remove it before you start the car again. Check for other points of entry at the same time so small animals don’t find another way into your vehicle.

  1. Clean the inside of the vehicle.

Cleaning the interior helps to keep the car or truck in its best condition while in storage. Dust and vacuum the inside and wash the interior windows, too. Leather seats? Give them a once-over with mild soap or saddle soap and water. Remove anything from the glove compartment that could result in an odor over time.

  1. Cover the vehicle.

A properly fitted cover will allow the fabric to breathe while keeping moisture away from the paint and metal, preventing it from deteriorating. Avoid using bedsheets, duvets and tarps as they’ll be too loose around the vehicle and let moisture in.

  1. Park it in a safe place.

It may be convenient and tempting to keep your car in the driveway or the yard, but that leaves your vehicle susceptible to thieves and other nuisances. Instead, park it in a locked garage or a storage facility that offers long-term vehicle storage.

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