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Posted on: May 17, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-05-17

6 Essential Motorcycle Maintenance Steps for Summer

If you’re a motorcycle owner, you’re likely anxiously awaiting getting your motorcycle out of storage for the spring and summer. Even with more mild winter weather, like in Texas and Louisiana, properly storing your motorcycle during the winter will keep it in the best shape for the summer. Before you can spend the long summer days on your bike, it is important to get your bike ready for the coming summer months. Check out these 6 motorcycle maintenance steps!

Summer Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

  • Step 1- Check for any damage: It is possible for the motorcycle to have suffered from damage during the winter. When you pull the motorcycle out of storage, check the brake and throttle cables, brake lines, oil lines and frame for any sign of corrosion. If the motorcycle has suffered from corrosion, replace the parts wherever needed.
  • Step 2- Fill up the fluids: Check the fluid hose connections for cracks and any signs of leakage. Change or replace any fluids that don’t look right and refill any fluids that are low.
  • Step 3- Reconnect the battery: Depending on how the battery was stored during the winter, it will require different steps of care for the summer. If the battery was stored on a trickle charger, clean the cables with a wire brush and reconnect the battery. If your battery was stored inside of the bicycle all winter long, charge the battery and determine if it is still in good shape for the summer.
  • Step 4- Check the tires: Just like with the battery, the method of storage will determine the condition the tires are in. If the weight of the bike was left resting on the tires all winter long, you may want to examine your tires for any flat spots. If the tires were removed from the bike or the bike was elevated during storage, simply refill the tires and check them for bulges, stress marks or puncture spots.
  • Step 5- Test the electrical system and controls: Check the electronics, switches, brakes, gauges and lights to make sure they are in working condition. Next, examine the cables and hoses for cracks and signs of other damage.
  •  Step 6- Inspect the frame: Take a thorough look at the frame of the motorcycle for any visible signs of damage. Keep an eye out for any hairline cracks or rust may require attention.

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