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Posted on: December 19, 2017 | by: Find Self Storage 2017-12-19

What You Should Know When Storing a Pool Table

Pool tables are equally expensive as they are fragile. Ideally, after setting a pool table up you won’t have to move it again. While that is the ideal situation, it isn’t very likely. Moving homes or rearranging rooms often require pool table owners to move their tables.

  1. Label Everything: When breaking down any item, it is extremely important you label every item. Additionally, place all small screws and items that go together in a bag. There’s nothing worse than getting to your new location only to discover you are missing a screw or don’t remember where a screw goes. Labeling each item and keeping all small items together will prevent this from happening.
  2. Remove the Pockets from the Table: Depending on the model of your pool table, your pockets are either fastened to the table by screw or staples. Once your eyes are protected from flying objects by safety glasses, climb under the table and use a staple remover or screwdriver to unfasten the pockets.
  3. Unfasten the Rails: In order to remove the rails from the pool table, use a wrench to extract the bolts from the pool table. Once the bolts have been removed from the pool table, ask a friend to help you gently slide the rail out of place and put it on a soft surface. Place all screws, bolts and any other small parts together inside of a plastic bag.
  4. Removing the Felt: If you don’t plan on reusing the felt from your pool table in your new location, then simply rip the felt off of the pool table. If you do intend on reusing the felt in your new location, in order to remove the felt from the table you must first determine what is holding the felt into place. Like the pool table pockets, this will vary based on brand. If staples are holding the felt into place, carefully use a staple remover to extract the staples. Once the felt has been removed, carefully fold it. If glue is holding the felt into place, remove the felt by slowly pulling it backwards. Be careful not to pull too hard and rip or stretch out the felt. Like when removing stapled felt, once the felt has been removed, fold it carefully.
  5. Remove the Legs and Detachable Pieces: In order to remove the legs and any other detachable pieces, flip the pool table over.
  6. Wrap Up Large Pieces: In order to prevent your pool table while moving, wrap up the larger pieces like the legs, frame and rails in blankets. Use an appliance dolly to move the items onto the moving truck.

Where to Store a Pool Table

If you need to store your pool table for a short or long period of time, it is important to store it in a location with controlled climate. Never store your pool table in your basement or attic because the fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause mold or mildew to form. A location like a spare closet or bedroom should be used when storing a pool table.

If you do not have a spare closet or bedroom to store your pool table, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage unit will maintain a range of temperature that is safe for the storage of sensitive items. Find Self Storage facility has storage unit rental options ranging in sizes from 10X5 units to 10X30, perfect for storing just a pool table to a pool table, couches and a collapsible bar!

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