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Posted on: August 29, 2018 | by: Find Self Storage 2018-08-29

Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table and Chairs

A dining room table is a staple in every household. It’s where dinner parties are hosted, holiday meals are served, and family gather around to catch up. In order to keep your table in the best condition, it is important to move and store it correctly.

Maybe you are moving and require temporary storage unit you can get into your new home. Or, maybe you are renovating your home and want to keep your table in a safe location. Whatever the reason, it is important to you that your table arrives back into your home in the same condition it left your home. Follow these dining room table and chair moving and storage tips!

5 Must-Follow Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table

  • Clean and Dust the Table: Before moving the furniture, give it a thorough cleaning. Dust the table then use a solution of mild soap and water to clean it.
    • Remove the Table Legs: Turn the table upside down and place it onto a blanket. Examine the bottom of the table to determine how the legs are attached. If the legs are attached with bolts, unscrew them and place them into a bag. If the legs are glued on, use a putty knife to break the seal.
  • Wrap the Legs: Wrap each individual leg in bubble wrap to protect them during the move. This step is very important. Even if the legs of the table can’t be removed, protect the legs by wrapping them in bubble wrap.
  • Protect the Corners of the Table: The corners of the table are most susceptible to damage. Wrap them in cardboard to protect them during the move.
  • Use a Dining Room Table Protector: Dining room table protectors are very inexpensive and can save you from a scratched or dented table. If you do not have a dining room table protector, cover the table with blankets. Keep the blankets securely wrapped around the table by taping the edges to the underside of the table.

How to Pack and Move Dining Room Chairs

  • Protect the Chairs: Wrap the legs of the chair in bubble wrap. Use a stretch wrap to protect the upholstery of the chairs during the move. If you do not have bubble wrap or stretch wrap, wrap the chairs in a moving blanket.
  • Lift Chairs by the Bottom of the Seat: Never drag chairs or lift them by their backs. Pick up chairs by the bottom of the seat.
  • Stack Chairs and Secure Together: Conserve space in your moving truck by laying one chair upside down across the seat of the other chair. Secure the chairs together with a bungee cord.

Tips for Storing a Dining Room Table and Chairs

  • Keep the Table and Chairs Covered: Always keep the table and chairs covered while in storage. This will protect them from dust or dirt settling.
  • Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: Fluctuations in temperature can damage the wood of your table and chairs. Unfortunately, this means that a basement and garage are not a good storage location for your furniture. Instead, consider a climate controlled storage unit rental. A climate controlled storage unit will protect your furniture from fluctuations in temperature.

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