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Posted on: October 20, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-10-20

5 Benefits of Moving in the Fall

Considering a fall move? While the summer is moving season, it still isn’t uncommon to move in the fall. So, what are the benefits of moving in the fall? And why should I consider it? Find out below!

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Moving in the Fall

  1. More flexibility in moving dates: Since fewer people move during the fall, there will be more moving dates available to choose from. This means that moving companies can work around your schedule and you may be able to get a date and time that is more convenient for you.
  2. Miss the dog days of summer: The summer months are hot. Moving heavy items into a moving truck during the heat of summer can take a toll on your body. When you move in the fall, you’re able to avoid moving during such a hot period of time.
  3. Lower cost: Let’s face it, moving is expensive. Taking advantage of price cuts wherever you can get them can add up so quickly. Since you are not moving during peak season, the cost of hiring movers and renting a truck may be cheaper.
  4. Easier to purchase a home: Due to fall not being the busy season for moving, there will be less people moving during this time. This means there’s less competition for buying a house, which might help you to get the house for cheaper than if you bought it in the summer.
  5. Easier with children: Moving during the summer means that your kids will be home the day of your move. This means that you’ll have to either hire a sitter to entertain your kids, or send them off the with grandparents. Instead, if you’re able to move during a weekday in the fall, your kids will be at school and you won’t have to worry about them getting underfoot.

Let a Storage Unit Rental Help with Your Move

Moving can be a lot of work. And on moving day, you have to get all of your belongings from your hold house, into a moving truck and then into your new home. This can be a lot to ask from one day. Instead, consider renting a storage unit to slowly move items you will not need into ahead of your moving day. This will not only make your moving day that much easier; it is also very convenient if you were already considering renting a storage unit to help keep your new home free from clutter.

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