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Posted on: November 15, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-11-15

6 Office Organization Tips from the Experts

The option to work remotely has become an increasingly popular for businesses to offer. If you work remotely from the home or are a freelancer, you likely view the office as your private room to get work done. But in order to be productive in the office, it is helpful if it is organized. Need tips for organizing your office space? Try out these 6 below!

6 Must-Try Office Organization Tips

  1. Purge what is no longer needed: Take a good look at your office space. Are there items on the desk, tables and floor that you simply do not need? Sort through the items and determine what you want to keep and move elsewhere and what you want to get rid of. The items you want to get rid of can be donated, sold or if damaged, thrown out.
  2. Incorporate a filing system: It’s amazing how quickly an office can get overrun with paperwork. In order to prevent important paperwork, forms or documents from getting misplaced, develop a filing system for your office. Consider investing in a filing cabinet or shelves for your paperwork.
  3. Organize your desk: Having a more organized and clutter-free desk can help to boost productivity. Take a good look at your desk, and if there are items that do not have to be on your desk, consider moving them or getting rid of them.
  4. Declutter: It is important to set yourself up for a productive day of work by keeping your office clean and free of clutter. Furniture pieces and items that are not essential to the workspace or decorative should be moved to another room.
  5. Organize desk drawers with trays: Desk drawers are another commonly disheveled area. Keep your desk drawers clean by using trays and caddies to organize small items.
  6. Add something that makes you happy: Throughout the day, everyone needs a break from work. Add something in the office that is pleasant for you to look at. For example, this may be a piece of artwork you are fond of or pictures of your loved ones.

Keep Your Office and Entire Home Organized with a Storage Unit Rental!

When you are decluttering your office space, you may find pieces of furniture, lamps, boxes of miscellaneous items and more that you want to keep, but you do not have the space in your home. This is where a storage unit rental comes in. A storage unit rental allows you to easily store items you want to hold onto in a safe and secure location.

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