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Posted on: February 15, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-02-15

5 Tips on How to Organize Your Attic

While you may not venture into the attic often, you likely use it to store seasonal items or items that are rarely used. But, over time this space can get cluttered very easily. If you’re looking for a better way on how you can organize your attic once and for all, try out these easy attic organization tips!

5 Easy to Follow Tips for Attic Organization

  • Tip Number 1: Take everything out of your attic
    While this step can be messy, it is essential. Take every box, bin and furniture piece out of your attic. Once the attic is empty, take a look at what you have. Any items you have not used in the last year should be donated, sold, given away or thrown out.
  • Tip Number 2: Clean the attic
    Take advantage of your attic being empty and give it a thorough cleaning. Sweep up any dust or dirt on the floor and clear away any cobwebs you find. If after assessing your items you conclude that you could use more shelving or hanging space, add the shelves or hooks before putting everything back into the attic.
  • Tip Number 3: Look for items that do not belong in the attic
    When cleaning out your attic, you may have found some items that are too sensitive to be stored in the attic. The attic is prone to extreme fluctuations in temperature which can be extremely damaging to leather or wooden furniture, electronics, antique items, paintings and more. In order to prevent any irreversible damage from happening to these items, it is important to avoid storing them in the attic.
  • Tip Number 4: Use attic storage containers
    One of the best ways to store smaller or similar items is to use storage containers or bins. Storage containers will help to keep your attic space clutter free and help you to find your items much easier in the future. Before putting the storage containers and bins back into the attic, take the time to label all 4 sides.
  • Tip Number 5: Group your items into categories
    When placing your items back into the attic, keep them in groups. For example, keep all seasonal items in one section and home decorations in the other. After creating your attic organization system, draw it out on a piece of paper for quick reference in the future.

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