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Posted on: June 14, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-06-14

Catering and Restaurant Storage Tips to Free Up Space

For any booming restaurant, space is always a big concern. The more space you have, the more customers you’re able to see through your doors every day. But any restaurant and catering company also require a large amount of supplies. Between extra tables, table settings, silverware, plates, decorations and more, it can be tough to let your restaurant grow when you’re bogged down by so many supplies.
Interested in increasing your storage space? Read below to learn why restaurant and catering companies should store their items in a storage unit.

Storing Restaurant and Catering Supplies in a Storage Unit

1. Seasonal Decorations

Guests love to see their favorite restaurants decorating for major holidays. Holiday trees, lights, bows, bulbs and more are not uncommon in restaurants during the season. Additionally, as a catering company, many customers will ask about seasonal decorations or displays. And with so many holidays to account for, a few decorations for each season can really take up some serious space! But, when the season is over, what do you do with all of the decorations and supplies? Well, with a storage unit rental, you can easily store these items that are only needed once a year in a secure location close to your business.

2. Extra Table Settings

Any restaurant owner knows that their business goes through seasons of business. For example, if your restaurant has a patio, you may be busier in the summertime. If your business has space to host parties, you may be busier around the holiday season. In order to account for the busy season, it is essential to have enough table settings to meet the demand.

Extra plates, glasses, silverware and cloth napkins can be stored in a storage unit rental until they are needed. When packing dinnerware, it is essential to reinforce the bottom opening of the box with an extra layer of tape. Additionally, to prevent dishes from breaking, pad the bottom of the box with waded up paper.

3. Banquet Supplies

When hosting an event, you may need more tables and chairs than used at your restaurant. For any catering company or restaurant used as an event venue, you may be expected to have chairs and tables to fit anywhere between 50 and 250 people. Tables and chairs are large and can take up a great deal of restaurant space.

Make Space in Your Business with a Storage Unit Rental!

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