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Posted on: June 15, 2020 | by: Find Self Storage 2020-06-15

Retirement Living Options

Everyone looks forward to retiring after years of working full time. It’s the time of your life where you get to enjoy every day to the fullest and not worry about meetings, deadlines and anything you don’t look forward to. As you start to plan your retirement, you may notice that there are many different options from enjoying the peacefulness of the home you’ve spent many years in to joining an active retirement community. If you want to learn more about the different retirement living options, we’ve listed several of them below.

5 Retirement Living Options for Seniors

  1. Continuing Care Retirement Community.
    Continuing Care Retirement Communities (or CCRCs) are growing in popularity as a retirement option due to their all-inclusive lifestyle. Many offer senior living apartments, assisted living and a nursing home all on the same campus so you don’t have to uproot your life once you move in. CCRCs are a great option for those who are ready to downsize and be a part of a life-long social community.
  2. Co-housing.
    The retirement living option of co-housing sits right between staying in your own home and a CCRC. In a co-housing community, you have two options: senior-only or general. Here you own your own home but share common areas with your community such as yards, workshops and patios. If you want to maintain a strong bond and find support with a community, this may be the option for you.
  3. Aging in place.
    Downsizing your home for retirement isn’t for everyone. Many of us want to continue living in the place we’ve called “home” for many years. Sometimes all you need are a few modifications to adapt to aging such as moving a bedroom to the first floor or installing a chair lift. You can also hire caretakers and other services later to help you out with home care as it becomes more difficult.
  4. Home sharing.
    Home sharing is an option that allows you to age in place while receiving some “free” assistance with more difficult tasks or just for additional income. With this retirement option, you can rent out a spare bedroom or basement apartment to another senior or a college student or offer them the space in exchange for some chores you can’t do on your own.
  5. Moving in with your children.
    While not a viable option for everyone, moving in with an adult child can have benefits for both parties. It can cut living expenses in half for both of you, and it can allow your child to have a built-in babysitter while allowing you to spend more time with your grandchildren. If clear guidelines are put in place about shared areas, house rules and bills, this can be a successful arrangement for everyone involved.

Considering Downsizing? Find Self Storage Can Help.

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