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Posted on: February 28, 2018 | by: Find Self Storage 2018-02-28

Should I Consider Hiring Movers for My Move?

Moving is hard. Choosing a new location, packing up all of your items, finding a new doctor’s office in your new location… It seems like the list goes on and on! If you are moving, you will be faced with the decision of whether you want to hire movers or do the move yourself. In order to help you make this choice, we compiled a list of the pros and cons of hiring movers to help with your move.

The Pros of Hiring Movers

  1. The Experience: Moving is a lot of manual labor. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving heavy boxes, accidents happen, and items may break. When you hire a mover, the chances of this happening are mitigated. Professional movers do this kind of work every day, and with their help, your items are a lot less likely to get damaged.
  2. Reduce the Chance of Personal Injury: Moving injuries are not uncommon. The strain of lifting and carrying heavy boxes can do a number on your back and joints. When you hire help, you are enlisting the help of experienced individuals who know how to prevent moving injuries.
  3. Reduce the Chance of Unexpected Problems: When you move, unexpected problems can pop up. Whether this is your mattress not fitting down the staircase or not having enough boxes to fit all of your items, there’s a great deal of comfort with having a team of movers behind you.

The Cons of Hiring Movers

  1. Hiring Movers Cost: Hiring movers can be expensive. Whether you are paying them for their hourly work, or half before the move and half after, it can add up. Whether the cost is worth it is up to your unique situation.
  2. The Personal Touch: When it comes to moving, a personal touch can go a long way. When you personally pack all of your own boxes, you are able to ensure your items are packed exactly how you would like them to be packed. This means you’ll not only have an easier time unpacking because you’ll likely remember which items are in each box, you’ll also be able to ensure fragile items get packed carefully.
  3. Moving Scams: Moving scams are very real. Before you hire movers, do your research on the company. Check for reviews from customers and note long the company has been on business. There have been reports of companies changing their names to a new name once they get hit with too many negative reviews.

A Storage Unit Rental is a Smart MovingSolution

If you are able to move out of your old home, and straight into your new home, you’re one of the lucky ones. In many situations, the timing won’t work out as well and people will have to be out of their old home before they’re able to move into their new home. If you are in this situation, you may benefit from a self storage unit rental. A storage unit is a great place to store your items before you are able to move them into your new house.

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