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Posted on: September 8, 2017 | by: Find Self Storage 2017-09-08

How to Store Outdoor Furniture and Cushions for the Winter

Countless summer nights are spent outdoors with family and friends cooking out or sitting by a fire. Maintaining the quality of your outdoor furniture during the winter will ensure you are able to have more memories like this for many summers to come.

Improperly storing your outdoor furniture can result in the formation of mold, mildew or rust. Follow these patio furniture storage instructions to protect your furniture during the winter months:

5 Tips for Outdoor Furniture Storage Success

  1. Follow Manufacturer Approved Instructions: Different kinds of furniture require different preparation for storage. When cleaning and storing furniture and furniture cushions, it is important to first check the instructions as described by the manufacturer. For best results, follow those instructions religiously.
  2. Clean Your Furniture According to its Material: Plastic, wicker, mesh and iron can be cleaned with a simple solution of water and dish soap. Metal furniture can be washed with a solution of water and detergent. Before storage, metal furniture should be thoroughly examined to ensure rust isn’t forming. Rust can be treated with a rust-neutralizing primer and smoothed with steel wool. Wood furniture should be washed with a solution of detergent and water. Furniture cushions should also be thoroughly cleaned using a solution of dish soap and water. Any food left on your cushions can turn to mold or mildew during storage.
  3. Give your Furniture Time to Dry: Before storing, ensure your cushions are properly dried. Any moisture left in the cushion can cause mold, mildew or rust to form during storage, ruining the cushion and furniture.
  4. Store Your Furniture in a Dry Location: The cold and wet winter months can damage outdoor furniture. To combat against any damage, cover your patio furniture and store it in a dry location like a shed or a garage. Furniture cushions should be wrapped up tight in a plastic bag and stored in a dry location.
  5. Check Up on Your Furniture: Similar to storing any other item, it is important to check on your outdoor furniture during the winter months. Any damage to your outdoor furniture, caused by the cold and wet weather, will be magnified the longer it’s left in that condition.

Do You Need a Place to Store Your Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture takes a up a lot of space, and you might not have room for it in your garage or shed. If so, consider renting a self storage unit close to home. A storage unit is a smart way to protect your furniture during winter, while still having easy access to it when the weather gets nice again. Stop into a Find Self Storage location to see how easy it is to rent a storage unit for your outdoor furniture.

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