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Posted on: May 9, 2021 | by: Find Self Storage 2021-05-09

Summer Storage for College Students

The weather is warming up and school is coming to a close once again. After you take your finals and say goodbye to your friends until the fall, the only thing left to do is pack up your dorm room. But once it’s packed, what do you do with it? If you’re going to school out of state, it can be difficult to get your belongings back home. Your car may be too small to fit everything in it, and it may not be logical to transport it home only to turn around in 3 months and drive it back to school. Thankfully, you have another option: college summer storage.

4 Tips for College Storage Services This Summer

Summer storage options are nearby, easy to find and quite affordable. Below are a few tips for keeping your dorm room items in a storage unit this summer.

1. Do Your Research as Soon as Possible. You’re likely not going to be the only person from your college looking to store your belongings. Many self storage companies like Find Self Storage often extend deals to college students, such as flexible leasing options. You’ll also have to contend with people who are moving during the summer. If you want to find the best deal and the right storage unit size, the key is to start researching as soon as possible.

2. Split the Cost with Your Roommate. If the cost of a storage unit seems to be a bit out of your college-student budget, consider splitting the space and the cost with a roommate or a friend. They’ll likely be looking for somewhere to keep their belongings as well. This way you both can cut down on expenses and share the research responsibilities.

3. Decide on the Right Storage Unit Size for You. When using college storage services, you likely don’t need a large unit. Consider storage sizes such as a 5×5, 5×10 or 10×10 unit. A 5×5 unit is ideal for storing a desk, chair, lamp and a few boxes, while a 5×10 unit can fit all that plus your mattress and box springs if you brought your own bed to college. If your dorm included shared living spaces like a living room and kitchen that you furnished, you may consider a 10×10 unit. You’ll also want to decide if you’ll need a climate controlled unit. Summers here in Louisiana and Texas can become quite hot, and a climate controlled unit will help shield your items from the fluctuating temperatures.

4. Know How to Pack Your Items. No matter which storage unit size you choose, you’ll want to make the most of your space. If you’re putting heavy textbooks into storage, opt for smaller boxes and stack the books rather than stand them end to end. This will allow you to carry them with greater ease and prevent the bindings from being damaged. Remember to also fill any empty space in boxes with protective material like bubble wrap or crumpled paper. If you’re planning to move your items with a moving truck, be sure to pack it in reverse order of how you want to place items in your storage unit. 

Stacking boxes is a great way to save space in your storage unit as well. To keep your items in good condition while in storage, use boxes of similar size and shape, and place the heaviest boxes at the bottom. That will prevent the boxes on top from crushing those underneath them.

Count on Find Self Storage for College Student Storage

Finding summer storage for college students is easy with Find Self Storage. With easy to find locations in Louisiana and Texas, we have affordable options for college students. Our student self storage units are ideal for storing dorm room furniture, electronics, clothing and more. And if you find yourself with not enough dorm space in the fall, you can use your storage unit to create more space by storing projects, seasonal items, old textbooks and more.

Getting ready to move home for the summer? Reserve your self storage unit today.

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