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Posted on: June 29, 2018 | by: Find Self Storage 2018-06-29

The Best Moving Day Checklist

Moving days are stressful. The pressure of making sure all of your items are packed correctly combined with organizing your move can be very tough. Avoid the moving day headaches by trying out these moving day tips!

Moving Day Tips for a Stress-Free Move

  1. Charge Phones: The night before your move, charge your phone fully. You will be coordinating with a lot of people during your move, and the last thing you want is a dead phone.
  2. Wear Appropriate Moving Day Clothes: You can never dress too comfortably for moving day. Wear a pair of tennis shoes and loose fitted clothing.
  3. Get a Sitter: If you have young kids, it may be smartest to get a sitter. Not only will it free up some of your time, it can also prevent an injury. If you have a dog, it may also be smart to keep your dog with the sitter.
  4. Organize a Moving Party: If you don’t have a professional moving crew, it is important to have your own personal moving crew made up of friends and family. Moving heavy items is a lot for one body to handle. Even if you do have movers, it can still be a good idea to get extra help. Offer to provide beverages and pizza to family and friends if they agree to help you move.
  5. Have a Moving Day List: Create a moving day list of the items you do not want to forget. Whether it’s to call your new landlord with your arrival and move-in time, pack some last-minute boxes or coordinate the fragile items into your truck, a moving day list is extremely essential.
  6. Pack a First Night Box: Pack a container of the items you will need for your first night in your new home. Place the container in the front of the moving truck with you. Some items you may want in your first-night box include prescriptions, phone chargers, a change of clothes and toiletries.

Find Self Storage Has Household Storage Solutions

A storage unit is a smart solution when you need to move into a new place. Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect, and sometimes the new home isn’t ready until well after your old home sells. If you’re in this situation, consider a self storage unit rental to store your items.

Find Self Storage has storage facilities in Plano, TXDallas, TXCarrolton, TXLeesville, LA and in Alexandria, LA on Windermere Blvd and Lodi Rd. If you’re looking to store a few small household items, consider a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit. If you’re looking to store items from multiple rooms, a 10×10 storage unit works perfectly. Rent a storage unit for moving today!

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