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Posted on: June 28, 2019 | by: Find Self Storage 2019-06-28

4 Helpful Downsizing Tips for Seniors

As your mom and dad have gotten older, you may find yourself worrying more and more about them in their house. Between trip hazards, high steps leading from one floor to the other and difficulties doing things such as stepping into the shower, it is easy to understand why. If they have expressed an interest in downsizing their home, whether into an assisted living facility or simply into a smaller home, you may be looking for ways to help out with this process. Try out these tips below.

Tips for Downsizing Seniors into a Smaller Home

  • Listen to them: Keep in mind that not only is this a new chapter in your life, it is also a new chapter in their life. If they express that they want to hold onto a particular item, want to move to a certain area or have concerns about the process, let them know that you are listening and hear them. While you may not be able to grant every request, it is important for them to know you are listening and hear them.
  • Start as early as possible: As soon as there is talk about your mom or dad moving, start helping them sort through their belongings to pull out items they want to bring to the new home. This is going to be a very overwhelming time for your mom and dad and starting early can help to take some stress off of their plates.
  • Offer to pass items on: While they are picking out the items to bring to their new home, remind them that they can set out items for other family members take. Oftentimes, one of the reasons for holding onto an item is because you don’t want it to be thrown out. Knowing it will continue to be passed through the family may offer some peace of mind.
  • Be patient: Keep in mind that as hard as this is on you, it is even more difficult on your mom and dad. If you’ve been working around the house for a while, consider taking a break to go on a walk or get ice cream. Being patient with the process can help to keep stress levels to a minimum.

A Storage Unit Rental Can Add Storage Space

If they are downsizing homes, there’s more than likely many items they will not be able to take with them. After spending an entire lifetime collecting memories and items you care about, parting with them can be very tough. This is understandable, because when everything else is changing it can be comforting to simply have your own belongings. Unfortunately, though, fitting an entire house worth of belongings into a smaller one to two-bedroom home isn’t possible. Instead, consider storing out of season clothing, holiday decorations and more in a storage unit.

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