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Posted on: March 31, 2020 | by: Find Self Storage 2020-03-31

6 Ways to Vacation-Proof Your Home

No matter where you go on vacation, the plan is always the same: relax. But it’s hard to relax when you’re worried about the safety of your home while you’re away. Follow these six tips for home safety while on vacation.

Home Safety Tips for Vacation

  1. Turn off all electronics.

Even when your electronics aren’t in use, they still draw power if you leave them plugged in. This can add unnecessary costs to your utility bills while you’re away. Unplugging items such as your computer and television will also prevent your gadgets from dying in an electrical surge.

  1. Turn off the water supply.

There’s no nightmare quite like coming home from a relaxing vacation, only to find standing water in your home. Turning off your water supply will prevent water from flowing through the pipes and leaking.

  1. Stop mail and any packages.

Built-up mail can signal to any potential intruders that your home is unoccupied. Call your post office or submit a form online to put a hold on any mail coming to your home. If you can’t prevent packages from other delivery services from arriving, give a key to a trusted friend, family member or neighbor to collect parcels regularly and bring them inside.

  1. Clean out the fridge and freezer.

If you’re going to be on vacation for more than a few days, go through your refrigerator for anything that will spoil or expire before you get back. You don’t want to walk into something rotting in your fridge. You can freeze many items or give them away to friends and neighbors.

At the same time, empty your freezer of any ice cubes or ice cream. If there’s a power outage, those will be the first items to melt and leak. Turn off the ice cube maker if you have one as well.

  1. Lock all the doors and windows.

Have each person in your family go around and double check that every door and window is locked. This way, you won’t forget anything. If you have any doors that are flimsy or known to come open without prompt, consider propping something in front of them such as a heavy box or weights.

  1. Give a spare key to a family member or neighbor, just in case.

If you have a home security system, you know that sometimes they trip for no real reason. Give your key to someone you trust in case anything happens while you’re away.

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