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Posted on: May 25, 2021 | by: Find Self Storage 2021-05-25

If you’re searching for a storage solution, it could be for many different reasons. Perhaps you’ve inherited some furniture but have nowhere to put it right now. Or maybe you’re downsizing after all the kids have moved out, but you can’t bear to permanently part with many belongings. Whatever your reason for needing additional storage, it’s important to also know what not to put in a storage unit as you’re preparing your belongings. 

What Not to Put in  a Storage Unit — Ever

  • Hazardous Materials. The rule of thumb is that if it’s flammable, don’t store it. While this may seem obvious, you may not realize that what you’re storing is considered hazardous. If you’re planning on storing some of your art supplies, avoid bringing paint thinner and mineral spirits. When you’re storing your yard supplies after the summer is over, leave fertilizer and weed killer at home. Storing bathroom or kitchen things? Don’t store nail polish remover or aerosol sprays like hair and cooking sprays.
  • Perishable Items. Avoid storing perishable food in your storage unit. If it needs to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer, it’s considered perishable — that means no meat, dairy or produce. These items will become rancid, leading to strong odors that can attract rodents and pests. 
  • Living Things. Animals, plants and people are strictly off-limits for storage facilities. Not only do storage units lack natural sunlight, which can kill your plants, but the soil in the pot can attract moisture, which leads to mildew, mold and pests in your storage space. It may also seem like a safe place to keep smaller animals in tanks or cages temporarily, but your storage unit doesn’t provide a light source or fresh air for your pet.
  • Weapons and Explosives. If an item has the potential to hurt someone or isn’t legal, don’t store it in your unit. Small fireworks like sparklers or poppers should stay at home if you’re storing seasonal items. Storing a vehicle? Make sure the oil and fuel are fully drained, and be sure it’s registered and insured in the name of the person renting the unit.
  • Wet Items. Items that are damp or even soaked when they go into storage have the tendency to attract mold and mildew. Try to store items using pallets and shelves so they stay off the floor where they can absorb moisture. Then add moisture absorption packets throughout the storage unit to dissuade any moisture from lingering. Moving on a rainy day? Bring some extra towels to dry off anything wet, but remember to take the towels home with you.
  • Items with Strong Scents or Odors. Strong smells have the tendency to attract pests, rodents and insects. Critters running through your storage unit can lead to trouble in no time. Avoid storing incense, candles, perfumes and strong soaps or lotions.

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